With changing market conditions, there arises a need to know prospective borrower in a much better manner leading to downfall in future losses. To reduce the Lender's credit risk, the lender should perform a credit check on the prospective borrower & also ensure all effective way of collecting or recovering receivables.

Middle Eastern countries being home to a huge expat population residing temporarily for work till they head back to your home countries are Prone to defaults by customers ( intentional & unintentional) , thus arises a need to know prospective borrower in much in-depth to proactively decreasing or avoiding future NPA's & write-off's. VTC performs a thorough credit verification of the prospective borrower on behalf of its clients to reduce the Lender's credit risk.

VTC has a Pan India coverage and conducts an in-depth credit verification and background checks to ensure that you are lending to the right party. We understand your sales process turnaround time, and hence using our high end technology infrastructure we ensure credit verification reports are submitted within a stipulated time.

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